HomyCars Rent a Car in Armenia.

“Homy cars” is a car rental company from Yerevan. With its wide range of fleet, Homy cars offers not only short term and long term rental services, but also sightseeing services and tours around Armenia. So what you need is to rent a car and enjoy your ride.

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HomyCars Rent a Car in Armenia.

Year by year Yerevan is becoming a popular destination among tourists. This city offers a lot to see and experience. Is there any ideal way to enjoy being in Yerevan than to book a car and drive whenever and wherever you want? Among many car rental companies operating in Yerevan, Homy cars is distinguished by its affordable prices, comfortable cars and high quality services.

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How can I contact Homycars?

Dear customer! Our goal is to be closer to YOU. We are always online striving to answer all your questions anywhere and anytime.

There are several options to contact us:

  1. Call us on this number - (+374 94) 44-77-70 
  2. Write us an email - info@homycars.com
  3. Find us on social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  4. Fill in the contact form from our website.
  5. Visit our main office, which is located at the following address - 24 Parpetsi Str, 0002, Yerevan. We look forward to having you there.

Where is HomyCars located?

HomyCars rental agency operates in Armenia offering a number of rental services to its customers. The information about our services can be found on our website.

Company’s main office is located at the below mentioned address: 24 Parpetsi Street

What are the working hours of HomyCars rental agency?

The main office of HomyCars rental company, which is located at the address of 24/10 Parpetsi Str, 0002, Yerevan, works from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.. But our 24/7 online support is always here to help you in any questions you may have.

What kind of rental services does HomyCars offer?

HomyCars rental agency provides a large number of services including short- and long-term rentals, transfers (from Zvartnots and Shirak airports, train stations to any destination of Armenia), sightseeing tours, extra services and so on.

Visit here and find out more about the rental services offered by us.

What are the advantages of HomyCars rental company?

HomyCars rental company always strives to provide its customers with the best rental services available. We want you to feel the comfort, excellence and safety while being in Armenia.

We have a broad range of fleet, where you will surely find the vehicle, most suitable for your needs, with affordable prices. We also offer short- and long-term car rentals, transfer services, sightseeing tours and even more.

For detailed information please visit here and explore more.

What types of vehicles does HomyCars offer?

HomyCars rental agency offers a wide range of vehicles including economy, compact cars, minivans, SUVs and even more. To get acquainted with the fleet visit here.

What is the difference between short-term and long-term car rentals?

HomyCars offers its customers both short-term and long-term car rental services. Whether you need a car for a week or for specific days, short-term car rentals are ideal for you.

The maximum rental duration is up to 30 days. Long-term car rentals are the best option when you want to rent a car for a month and even longer period of time. This way you get more flexibility and freedom to use the car for your necessities.

What is the minimum age to drive a vehicle in Armenia?

According to law, you should be at least 18 years old to have the permission to drive a car in Armenia.

What is the minimum driving speed limit in Armenia?

The minimum speed limits are the followings:

  1. 60 km/h in the built-up areas
  2. 80 km/h outside the built-up areas
  3. 100 km/h on highways
  4. 20 km/h in residential areas

What are the main traffic rules in Armenia?

Every driver in Armenia must know and follow these main rules.

  1. Driving in Armenia is on the right side (Right hand traffic).
  2. You should be at least 18 years old to have the permission to drive in Armenia.
  3. Passengers on the front seat must wear seatbelts, while wearing seatbelts for the passenger sitting on the rear seats is not mandatory.
  4. Using cell phones while driving is not permitted.
  5. Children under 12 years are not allowed to sit on the front side of the car.
  6. Consumption of alcoholic beverages while driving is strictly prohibited.
  7. There are surveillance and speed cameras across the roads, so be very attentive not to violate traffic rules.

What documents do I need to bring with me when renting a car?

Do not forget to bring with you your passport and international driving permit, accompanied with the valid driving license issued by your home country, which must be in English language (if not, it should be officially translated into English).

International driving permit is not required if you are from one of the countries that have signed the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. You will find the list of the countries here. If you can’t find your country in the list, please contact us for further clarifications․

What are the payment options for renting a car?

We offer two types of payment options: by cash or with credit card. We accept international payments with VISA and Mastercard.

Is my driving license valid in Armenia?

Armenia is a part of the countries that have ratified the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. So, if you are from one of those countries, your driving license is valid in Armenia. Here is the full list of member countries.

Otherwise you may need to have an International Driving Permit (IDP) with your national driving license.

International Driving Permit is the translation of your driving licence from the issuing country. It must have English translation for being valid in Armenia.

What if my flight is delayed and I am late?

If your flight is delayed for a few hours, we will hold the rented car for you until you arrive. If you think the delay will take more than a few hours, please contact us for more information.

How to pick up my car when I arrive?

The pick-up address in the rental contract means from where you are going to pick up your car. You can take the vehicle from our office located at the address of (address), and Zvartnots or Shirak airports.

We can also deliver the car to any convenient place you want. 

Is it possible to extend the duration of rental contract?

Yes, you can extend the duration of the contract by contacting us. Please call us on this number (+374 99) 08-08-07, write us an email (info@homycars.am) or visit us.

Our managers will handle your request. The fee for this service is 0 AMD. Also, you can hire a car for an extended period of time as we offer long-term car rental services as well.

Can I change my reservation?

Of course, you can. Just visit - Change reservation section in our website and fill out your order code in the appropriate field. Then, you will be headed to a new page, where you can change the dates following the instructions. If you ever have any questions regarding to changing reservation, contact us and we will be glad to help you with it.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you can. Please contact us in advance if you need to cancel your reservation.