Top 10 most popular festivals in Armenia


It is quite natural, that a tourist, in addition to visiting sightseeings, also wishes to become a part of festivals or national holidays of the host country. Armenia is a country with a long history and traditions. We list the top 10 most popular festivals and holidays held annually in Armenia, which will surely interest the guests.


International Jazz Festival

On April 30, the opening of the international jazz festival will take place in Cascade. On this day, jazz performances by popular Armenian and foreign jazzmen will sound at all the levels of the Yerevan Cascade.

international jazz festival Yerevan

Wine days in Yerevan

On May 4 - 5, wine days will take place in Yerevan, on Saryan Street. At the festival, all the products of Armenian wine producers will be presented and tasted.

Dolma festival

It is just to the place to recall the phrase from a well-known movie “Do you like dolma?” And really, is it possible not to hold a dolma festival, when it is the most favorite dish of the Armenian cuisine.

On May 20th, in Khnaberd, will take place a dolma festival, where more than 60 types of this dish will be presented.

Ecotourism festival

On June 16-17, an ecotourism festival will be held in the village of Artavan. Participants of the festival can make horseback riding in the surroundings, take part in hikes and expeditions and visit the exhibition of eco-friendly products of the local manufacturers.


On July 8 Vardavar is celebrated throughout Armenia. The pagan holiday of Water, with the adoption of Christianity, has acquired a new meaning and is celebrated as a holiday in honor of the Transfiguration of the Lord. On this day in the capital and throughout the republic, people water each other. Thus, if you plan to leave home this day, then you will surely become a part of a joyous holiday.

Vardavar in Yerevan

International Film Festival "Golden Apricot"

On July 12-19, Yerevan will open hospitable doors to the participants of the Golden Apricot International Film Festival. Year to year the festival is becoming more and more popular and is rightfully considered the most prestigious in our region.

Taraz Festival

On August 4, Taraz festival will take place on the Northern Avenue of Yerevan. Here will be presented ancient Armenian national costumes of all the areas of the historical Armenia.

Music Festival at Lake Sevan

On August 11, a music festival will take place at Lake Sevan with the participation of popular Armenian and foreign groups and artists.

Erebuni - Yerevan

On October 10-11, everyone celebrates the favorite holiday Erebuni - Yerevan. This year is the 2802nd anniversary of one of the oldest cities in the world - Yerevan.

Areni Wine Festival

The sight of the festival of Armenian wines was not chosen accidently as it was in the vicinity of Areni that the oldest winery in the world was discovered. So, it is quite natural that every year on the first Saturday of October, Areni becomes a hospitable hostess of the festival, where in addition to the products of Armenian winemakers, you can try the excellent assortment of Armenian cheese and witness the grape pressing process.

Dear guests, more than 30 festivals are held in Armenia annually. We are sure that a participation in any of them will become a source of positive feelings for you.