Probably every driver has encountered with the problem of window fogging in winter. This phenomenon limits the driver’s visibility, which causes not only certain inconvenience during the ride, but can also become a cause of an accident. Why does this happen and is it possible to fight this problem?

The causes of fogging

The windows fog up because of the moisture in the air inside the car. The difference in air temperature outside and inside the car becomes a cause of moisture condensation and its subsidence on the glass surface in the form of tiny drops. The nature of increased humidity can be both physical and a result of technical malfunctions in the ventilation system.

car windows fog up

Setting up the heating and ventilation systems

The easiest and most effective way to eliminate the problem is to turn on the ventilation and heating systems of the car. It is also important that the heater nozzles are directed to the surface of the glasses. During blowing, it is not recommended to close the air circulation trap. If the system is working properly, the car windows will be cleaned in just a few minutes.

You just need to wipe them to completely remove moisture from the surface. At the same time, do not forget to ventilate the interior of the car and do not leave a damp cloth inside. If you follow these recommendations, you can avoid the recurrence of the phenomenon.

Other tips to prevent windows from fogging

In case of malfunctions in the heating and ventilation systems, you need to slightly lower the two side windows of the car, located diagonally. If you do this, you will simultaneously ventilate the car interior and reduce the temperature difference between the air inside and outside the car. In addition, you can glue the glass with a special film that protects against fogging. You can also use the "anti-fog" applied to the glass after washing. In this case, the process should be carried out every 10-15 days, since the action of the aerosol weakens.

Dear car lovers, it is almost impossible to completely avoid this problem, but in order to facilitate its elimination, it is enough to follow a few elementary rules. Regularly check the operation of the heating system and the cabin filter cleanliness, periodically ventilate the interior of the car, avoid storing wet and damp things inside the car, and if possible, minimize the moisture entry into the car cabin.